Études x New Tendency

The first collaboration in 2015 already proved that the interdisciplinary Berlin design company NEW TENDENCY and Études speak a common language. In this context, the unanimous understanding of design came to light in an edition that linked the common demand for timeless functionality with characteristic design ideas. Five years after the META Side Table launch, in a time of global uncertainty, this common understanding finds a new language.

"Usually we leave it at one edition per collaboration, but especially in times like these, cohesion becomes extremely important," explains Manuel Goller, founder and Creative Director of NEW TENDENCY. In doing so, he is initiating a continuation of the collaboration with Études — namely, with the aim of being a statement.  Unity as the linchpin: in these times, it feels essential more than ever to reach out and stick together across borders. Primarily when restrictions determine daily life. The new edition of the Meta Side Table proves that creativity can bear fruit despite, or even due to, these restrictions. The eye quickly wanders to the prominently placed punched, distinctive Europa logo, which Études introduced to popular culture almost a decade ago. It not only becomes the center of the design but also illustrates the statement. Our characteristic Études blue which was already part of the first edition is complemented by the classics black, white and raw steel, conveying timelessness and high standard design.