Études x Roe Ethridge

Tired of looking backward, we embrace planet earth’s current pause by collaborating with Roe Ethridge and his photographic narratives that offer a visual escape into what’s right here: Yes Future.

Known for orchestrating a space between art and fashion, Ethridge’s conceptual work extends its curiosity toward a place of ecstatic communication where familiar images often are recontextualized via a form of stylized spontaneity. Nostalgic souvenirs of an Americana upbringing set in contrast with a modernized world highlight the tension between the natural and artificial. As his ambitious realities of still life, portrait, and landscape romanticize the hyper-real, the redemptive magic of the passage of time dwells within us, subconsciously, thereon after.

Ethridge’s sunsets, surf breaks, sliced fruits further their visible resonance with Études’ season Spring/Summer 2021, materializing on button-down shirts, jersey hoodies and oversized tees. Coming full circle with the union between the usually separate disciplines of art and fashion, we also invited Ethridge to shoot the lookbook, which can be explored on our website.