Études x Brooklyn Museum x Lorraine O’Grady

In the face of global disparity, we’re excited to underscore the current conversations with our newest collaboration—featuring the Brooklyn Museum and its retrospective (the first one ever) on the 86-year-old conceptual artist and critic Lorraine O’Grady. 

Known for her explorations concerning cultural constructions of identity, the exhibition Both/And challenges the Western world’s fixed political positions of the self and other. While reflecting on personal experience constantly undermined through biological occupation—in particular that of black female subjectivity—O’Grady largely addresses the structural inequalities established within historical conventions of art institutions.

The collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum and Lorraine O’Grady consists of two t-shirts and one hoodie, all three products exhibiting two of the artist’s most pivotal artworks: her Cutting Out The New York Times series (1977), as well as Miscegenated Family Album (Sisters I), L: Nefernefruaten Nefertiti; R: Devonia Evangeline O'Grady (1980/1994).