Études x Matthew Chambers Collaboration

Études x Matthew Chambers

As part of this season’s collection, Études is pleased to present a special collaboration with artist Matthew Chambers. Exploring themes of proximity, the painter deals with subject- matters that are often complicatedly intimate within their universal normalcy. Chambers’ energetic portrayals of Montana flowers—the very same ones surfacing within Études’ new collection that’s composed of several items such as heavy hand-knitted sweaters, cotton corduroy shirts, silk blouses and oversized trousers—exhibit narratives of encountering the oblivious that wants to be known. And, above all, understood. There’s history. Not only in the past, but the future too.

This particular symbiosis between Études and Matthew Chambers aspires to challenge (and perhaps repurpose) scenarios of nostalgia for the new and for the old, and everything that survives within their in-betweens. It’s not about questioning what is, but examining what always has been meanwhile withstanding expectation and being sympathetic to the arrivals of another. A new ending, after all, is forever a beginning.