Études x Yves Klein

Études x Yves Klein is a celebration of limitless creativity. As artistic collaborations have been a longstanding staple at Études, this season’s symbiotic partnership looks at various outlets that connect art and fashion. 2022 also marks both Études’ 10th anniversary and the 60th anniversary of Klein’s death.

Uncovering shared affinities for conceptual experiments, both Études’ and Klein’s avant-garde work pushes the boundaries of what art could be. By celebrating their French and minimalist principles, Études and Klein create a dialogue that explores the international dimension of their work. Klein constantly blurred the lines between art and life, painting and performance, objects and ideas. In a quest to capture immateriality and the infinite, he creates the color International Klein Blue (IKB)—which denotes space, purity, and freedom.

The collection, engulfed in the signature ultramarine pigment, celebrates the immeasurable hue along with the boundless creativity of Études. A series of dyed, bleached, and flocked denim and cotton garments are exhibited across the collection, while screenprints and digital prints adorn shirts and T-shirts. Cobalt blue embroidered caps and limited edition acetate sunglasses round out the collection.